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The Idea

Born in New York, the Global Greeter Network now has spread worldwide.

The “Welcome Visitor Program” Lynn Brooks and her “Big Apple Greeters” show the beauty of New York City to visitors all over the world since 1992. Since then, the idea has spread and Greeter programs have been founded all over the world – also in Germany. In Berlin, Hamburg, Kassel or Munic locals regulary welcome guests – who leave as friends. So it was time to add “our” Stuttgart to the list also.

A Stuttgart Greet gives you a free, personal, unusual and authentic impression of Baden Württemberg´s state capital.
As a voluntary Greeter you get to know interesting people from near and far and gain valuable new experience.
Stuttgart Greeters are no professional tourist guides but volunteers who are open for new things, love their city – and to share their knowledge with others.
Are you interested in becoming a Greeter? Just contact us!